Watsonia Abbotsbury Hybrid

WatsoniaWhat seems like many moons ago, probably because it was, on a visit to Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens in Dorset we purchased Watsonia Abbotsbury Hybrid. Naively, as it turns out, I was under the impression that we were actually buying a plant called Watsonia Abbotsbury Hybrid.  Not so; as sometimes happens this was not one plant but many seedlings crammed into one pot.  This made for much rubbing of eyes in disbelief and double-takes as the flowers bloomed variously in a range of pinks through to orange.  Subsequently the plant(s) was(were) lifted and divided so we now have the joy of many plants for the price of one.  However, every silver lining has a cloud and as they do not relish being moved they have taken a little time to adjust to their liberation.  This orange version is looking splendid in the BLN border.  My favorite.



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4 responses to “Watsonia Abbotsbury Hybrid

  1. brilliant,what does it like …I have a clump ..making good growth but after 3 years no flowers…

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