Commelina tuberosa – Dayflower

CommelinaCommelina tuberosa is commonly known as Dayflower, referring to the short-lived nature of each bloom.  But what blooms!  The truest of blue, the purest of azure, perfect as a sapphire, a sparce but wonderous life.   As the latin name suggests they are tuberous perennials, native to Central and South America and therefore on the tender side.  They can be lifted and stored at the end of the season, rather as you would a dahlia.  That may happen in Mrs Perfect’s garden but not ours and they seem to pop back up year after year, although not always in the same place that I remember. This is either due to the subterranean shenanigans of vole and mole, or the dubious memory of the gardener.  In fact these seem to be one of my annual “Whoops forgot about you and I seem to have planted something on top of you”.  So far there seem to be no hard feelings, they are getting on very well with their new bed fellows.



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4 responses to “Commelina tuberosa – Dayflower

  1. my sentiments exactly ..I have always left my plants in situ,and invariably forget and you know what it’s like late spring …oh a bit of bare soil I’ll just pop this in there and lo and behold I’ve chopped the tuber…!! Love the photo….

  2. Brilliant blue! I am now tempted to try these, do you know the coldest temperature they have survived in your garden?

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