Pharbitis hederacea – Ivy Leaved Morning Glory

Pharbitis hederacea This pretty pink flower, coyly peaking around the woody stem of Brugmansia sanguinea, is that of Pharbitis hederacea the Ivy Leaved Morning Glory.  It was grown from seed gifted, very generously amongst other gems, by my Belgium friend.  I cannot fault his taste.



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3 responses to “Pharbitis hederacea – Ivy Leaved Morning Glory

  1. Dirk Chevalier

    Hi Gill
    i’ m glad you like the Pharbitis
    We have planted a lot of interesting plants in our public garden Vordenstein in Schoten feel free to take a look

    Garden greetings from Belgium

  2. That is a lovely Morning Glory! I’ll have to look out for it. I only have ‘ Grand pa Ott’ which is becoming , as in you’re previous post … A pest ! Still a welcome pest!

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