Who’s been eating my plants?

Aug22 064 (1024x683)Caught in the act, but who it is I have no idea!  Any ideas out there?



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11 responses to “Who’s been eating my plants?

  1. Oh my god…just been on the internet searching for you ..no I can’t find anything.I will keep watching your space to see if you find it…

  2. sorry but I don’t recognize this one either; have checked my photos and my books but no luck…

  3. Pretty sure it is the caterpillar of the ermine moth. Could make a mess of your cherry and apple trees!

  4. jan barwick

    I reckon it’s a figwort sawfly caterpillar – and as the name suggests, the larvae feed on figwort plants. In my garden they are weeds – but maybe you have some exotic form there which is also to their taste.

  5. Never seen one of these before; glad you got an ID. Hope the damage isn’t too severe.

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