Another Away Day

Holbrook Aug28 160 (1024x684)Today I was lucky enough to spend a happy few hours at Holbrook Garden, near Tiverton.  Every time I visit another garden I remind myself that I don’t do this nearly enough for my sanity.  Sometimes gardening can be a very insular past time and having the opportunity to talk to others is the best kind of self-help group (without having to sit in a circle on an uncomfortable chair, there is an element of confession involved though).  You find out that others are experiencing the same highs and lows, joys and disappointments, awkward customers and delinquent wildlife.  You also are reminded that gardeners are the most generous of folk, with time, knowledge and produce. I was also extremely lucky to see this newly hatched grass snake, head held high weaving through the grass, eager to take its place in the world.



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2 responses to “Another Away Day

  1. Bruggies

    How sweet.Ant met one of his family in the compostheap only he was 1 metre 50 in lnegth and a beautiful yellow green colour

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