Aug29 010 (1024x683)Great excitement in the garden this week as the Butia capitata is flowering.  Most, if not all, of the excitement is mine although I am trying to drum up enthusiasm, admittedly with limited results so far.  Whether any fruit will result in this monster bloom is in the lap of the gods but, as always, I am optimistic.  I hear that you can make wine from the fibrous yellow fruit, that apparently taste like an explosion in fruit shop with a little added vanilla.  This is part of my propaganda campaign together with the fact that it is called the Jelly Palm.  If you look carefully you will see a grumpy wasp, hopefully pollinating this splendid spike.



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5 responses to “Jelly

  1. I’ve never heard of such a plant…I’m intrigued..I’m going to have to google it….

  2. Well I’ve googled it and I don’t think it would sit well up here but the fruit sounds amazing ..good luck

    • I will let you know if it fruits. The palm has grown very big in the last few years and seems to be very hardy with us in the softie south. If we get a good vintage I will send you a bottle.

      • maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath…
        talking off sending things I am big into seed swaps…..I also use Plant World seeds which must be down your neck of the woods….and in a previous blog of yours you used the word …mardy…I always thought that was a Nottinghamshire saying …any connection ?

  3. diversifolius

    Well, I have to google this and also start following your blog ’cause I’m missing interesting stuff. Sounds like a wonderful wine!

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