The garden closes for the season on Friday.  I thought I would share with you my version of the Hairdresser Questions (“going anywhere nice for your holidays?”)

1.  Are you a local or on holiday? – It is best to ascertain this before I start talking about the Combe Martians (this is what the locals lovingly call folk from Combe Martin, the next village past Ilfracombe).

2.  Are you a gardener? – Again invaluable information and will influence the content of my conversation.  I have learnt to my great embarrassment (yes with you Mr DC) that I should always presume that every visitor is a top horticulturist until I find out to the contrary.

3.  Do you have a favorite plant? – I can then hopefully point them in the direction of some of said salvias, cannas, grasses or fuchsias and if they mention roses can quickly change the subject.  If they say cotoneaster they will be asked to leave the garden forthwith (only joking even the disillusioned are welcome).

3.  Did you pay? – I only ever ask this in my dreams, when I have also taken the role of a ninja warrior seeking retribution.

Our Crinum x powellii Album is another plant in the garden that has surpassed itself this year.  It is very late to show these enormous virginal trumpets, but definitely worth the wait.



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4 responses to “Hairdresser

  1. diversifolius

    September is such a great month for gardens! – why do you close so early? The Crinum looks great!

  2. again I ask similar questions…I have one several years old in a large pot…where should i site it and do you think I could chance it in the ground here in Nottingham…

  3. I delight in all the lilies. Crinum is one I have not grown. . .maybe next year. Do you grow Madonna lilies? I have some that have been languishing for years but never bloom. Perhaps you have some advice?

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