Naked Lady and Friend

Sept11 022 (1024x682)An autumn flowering crocus can surely mean only one thing.  A day that my jumper remained firmly attached to my body surely reinforcing that assumption.   A dewy lawn and a quiet bay and there can be no argument.

It cannot be denied things are definitely on the turn and this year I don’t mind.  In fact I am celebrating the fact that, unlike some parts of the world, we actually have seasons.  The reason for this optimism and seemingly unnatural yearning for short days and long johns, is that unlike last year (the year of perpetual gloom), we have had a good summer.  I agree, it sounds trite, but for those of us who spend a fair proportion of our life in the great outdoors, immersed in the elements, it is very important.  We have recharged our batteries (these were painfully low with the red light flashing) and hopefully so have our plants.  We are ready for a change, a shift in emphasis.  So welcome autumn, I look forward to meeting you again.



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2 responses to “Naked Lady and Friend

  1. I agree. The seasons are interesting and exciting. For me, there’s nothing quite like emerging from winter into spring, when something new is appearing every day: tender, green, hopeful buds, where there was only mud the day before.

  2. diversifolius

    I do look forward to meeting Autumn too!

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