Clouds and Silver Linings


Sept13 001 (1024x683)It was just like old times, a blast from the past.  Apart from a couple of hours remission this morning, we have had unrelenting and increasingly invasive rain all day.  Quite honestly it wasn’t a sentimental reunion; me with my noisy, sweaty, inhibiting waterproofs, I haven’t missed them at all.  There was luckily a silver lining to this wash-out of a day, the Jacaranda seed kindly gifted by a blogging friend in Canada, the wonderful Botanically Inclined, has begun to germinate.  I know it is early days, they have many trials to face, not the least being to survive the winter, but still it was a little triumph in my day.  We all need at least one triumph, however small, per day.  Doctor’s orders.



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6 responses to “Clouds and Silver Linings

  1. diversifolius

    AH! – thank you. This really made my day (which was also not a good one).
    I hope the little seedlings it will grow into the beautiful tree it is.

    • I thought you would be pleased, I will do my best to tend them and will keep you updated on their progress. Hope you have better day today, the gentians are beautiful.

      • diversifolius

        Thanks. I’m heading to work, it’s cold but sunny and all the fall gentians are bloomimg!

  2. I looked up some pictures of Jacaranda. Wow, what a wonderful looking tree! I hope to see photos of it on your blog as time goes by. We’ve still got warm weather and sun here, but the weatherman says the rain will start up again in three days time.

    • I grew one many years ago but I didn’t manage to get it through one winter. I am hopeful I will do better this time. My friend and blog regular Betsy Bee is in Vancouver at the moment, on the map it doesn’t look too far from you. If you bump into her say hello. ps the agapanthus seed pods are swelling!

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