Foamlea Sept20 015 (1024x683)Today we were visited by the East Devon Posse, bringing their strange ways, sophora and yodeling to our innocent North Devon world.  In the afternoon we headed west to our friends at Foamlea garden, just around the corner in the pretty village of Morthoe, and all the delights therein.  A warm welcome, marvelous views, delicious pecan and cinnamon muffins and planting to initially make you want to give up and the next moment inspire you to greater things.   There was much to awaken the Green Eyed Monster that lurks just beneath this docile exterior.  This Leonotis leonurus was top of a very long list.

Next Day Post Script:  Sorry this isn’t Leonotis leonurus but Leonotis nepetifolia, which quite frankly is even better.



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3 responses to “Envy

  1. I know all about that “Green Eyed Monster”!

  2. diversifolius

    Looks very interesting, I bet you can get a few seeds…

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