Sept24 004 (1024x683)These early autumn mornings provide a gentle start to the day.  The dew is heavy, revealing night-time high-jinx on the lawn.  The mist takes a couple of hours to burn off and as the sun rises the soft light enhances the droplet heavy foliage and flowers.  The intensity of summer has receded and has been replaced with a calmness.

A good day in the garden and out of the garden.  This morning I visited TT at Foamlea and took cuttings of some of their goodies including Phlomis “Sunningdale Gold”, Phlomis “Upton” and Lonicera japonica ‘Aureoreticulata’, all great beauties.  We had a package of exotic plants from Tropical Britain and a delivery of spring bulbs.

I am optimistic that next year will be truly great.  Please remind me of these sentiments when, in the middle of winter when the rain has fallen for weeks and the sun hasn’t touched us for months, I am feeling a little low.



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15 responses to “Gentle

  1. Bruggies

    Another stunning photograph.It will be lovely to look back on when winter gets nasty

  2. Glad you have had a good day; the sun did not make it through the Oxfordshire mist until midday today but the afternoon and evening were perfect. Dealing with cuttings is one of my favourite gardening activities but I managed to drop a tray of penstemon cuttings today so now the Raven and the Alice Hindley are all muddled up! The Lonicera japonica Aureoreticulata growing against my house is one of my favourite plants so I hope it grows well for you too.

    • I mixed up all my tomato plants once, the left-overs after we had planted up our crop. They were colour coded but we lost what the colours meant! When I gave them to people I called them Cliffe Surprise. I love penstemon, I would always be happy with either of those. Your lonicera sounds great, hopefully mine will root …..

  3. Michelle - Germany

    I only hope the weather hasnt peaked too early!!! Wait for us!! I LONG for these mornings with my camera!

  4. diversifolius

    Such a great picture! In the winter we could post all the colourful summer images we have and exchange seedlings updates (I just painted my lights stand 🙂

  5. Your words are lovely..I’ve been repotting Auricula ready for the spring…one tray done eight more to go ..I may be some time…

  6. All I can say about this photograph is, “How beautiful!”

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