Spider Time


Spider (1024x683)Where have they all been hiding?  One minute it is just the odd spider scurrying across the floor (and of course our resident goliath population in the potting shed led by Wolfgang the Mighty), the next you can’t move for webs and lurking beasties.  A particularly contrary creature has made his home across the door of the greenhouse and several, if not a million, times a day I walk into this web, inevitably followed by “urgh!” and waving arms and picking bits out of my hair.  Not sure who is daftest, me for forgetting he is there or him for continually rebuilding across a main thoroughfare.  I expect it is me.



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11 responses to “Spider Time

  1. What’s even worse is that they are coming into the bungalow and hiding under the bed! As much as I love nature, Sammy and his odd-legged friends are definitely unwelcome visitors in the marital home!

  2. I couldn’t possibly comment ……

  3. ……….although it might be you!

  4. diversifolius

    Nice image! – I do experience the same thing around a few places but I blame the spiders 🙂

  5. Spider webs are so pretty when they have raindrops or dewdrops on them. Good capture!

  6. Love spiders…they are very welcome here…

    • Quite right they do a good job. You would love our potting shed then.

      • We have a huge one in the conservatory at the moment,,Imogen (4) saw it had the fly and said ‘Nana you do realize that flies are good too ,they are our dustbin men and they eat rotting things as well’ that put me in my place ,I can’t argue with a 4year old however much I hate flies.

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