The Jury’s Out


Oct2 008 (1024x683)Pompom dahlias; a contentious subject.  Some love them, some aren’t bothered either way and some quite frankly despise them.  As for me, well I love them, in spite of myself.



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8 responses to “The Jury’s Out

  1. Love them too. One of nature’s minor miracles.

  2. I love dahlias so it is easy for me to like pompom dahlias. I would say that the reason is that they help create such wonderful diversity in my garden.

    • This is very true and late in the season too. Once they get going there seems to be little to stop them, except perhaps the deer but they keep coming back. It is hard to know when to stop The Collection!

  3. I have a species one in flower at the moment …will save seed for you.It grows to about 150 cms tall ,has single purple flowers all summer .
    Dahlia Purpusii….From Crug Nurserys..

  4. diversifolius

    I have very fond childhood memories about pompom dahlias. Love them in all colours.

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