Third Chance

Oct3 002 (1024x683)Every year we buy a small amount of plug plants, mainly for filling the large urns in front of the house and the granite planters in the garden.  We had some problems a couple of years ago with a supplier that up until that point had been exemplary.  They let us down in all ways possible and we therefore, after much groaning, moaning and serial complaining, switched allegiance.  This company are now under new ownership and, as they were persistent with their catalogues and promises of the world and more, I decided to give them a second chance.  A couple of weeks ago the first of two expected packages arrived.  If I was to guess what adventures this parcel had been party to I would guess it had begun with being thrown off Niagara Falls in a barrel, followed by a ride on the Tower of Terror roller coaster, rounded off nicely with a stampede of bison on the plains of Nebraska.  Needless to say I complained.  I spoke to a real human being who was very obliging and after farcically excusing the state of their product on “a rough crossing”, they promised to replace the whole lot.  Quite rightly.  Today another box sat in the porch; the power of potential grief that emanated from this small cardboard container was palpable.  In trepidation I opened it.  Hero hid in the greenhouse.  A tray of perfectly formed little violas lay beneath the protective layer. I potted these up with joy in my heart and The Boys are Back in Town on my ipod (I may have swayed a little).  They still owe us another delivery of plants, let us hope they are on a roll now.



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4 responses to “Third Chance

  1. A rough crossing, eh? What body of water did these plants have to cross? I, too, had a plant delivery adventure today. A box of precious plants was delivered to my old address (from two moves ago), so I had a two-hour round trip to retrieve them. Apparently, Canada Post does not forward parcels. Also, I must have a word with the nursery, as I’m sure I put the new address on the order form, though perhaps the old address was on the cheque. Ah, the joys of moving, they never seem to end.

    • Were they OK after all that? Precious plants sounds interesting, tell me more …..

      • They’re OK, and I’ve got them in the ground. Here’s the list: 1 Paeonia mlokosewitchii, 1 Paeonia ‘Krinkled White’, 2 Erythronium dens-canis, 1 Erythronium dens-canis ‘Rose Queen’, 1 Erythronium dens-canis ‘Snowflake’. Paeonia ‘Krinkled White’ isn’t rare, but I seem to have some Romneya Coulteri taking hold in the new garden and I like the combination of crinkled white flowers on two very different plants. I never count on the Romneyas until they’ve made it through a winter, though.

      • Well you get a big thumbs up for that lot. I have yearned for Peony Molly The Witch for a while now. One day …..

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