Cleome “Pink Queen”

Oct3 034 (1024x683)A tiring week at the office; too weary for words today so I hope a pretty picture will suffice.  Perhaps you are relieved.



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8 responses to “Cleome “Pink Queen”

  1. I’m feeling a bit “thank goodness it’s Friday” myself; that is a very pretty pink picture. Have a good weekend.

  2. I seen plantings of Cleome in local parks and thought to myself, “I must give this a try next year”. Now I think I’ll make it a resolution.

  3. I’ve tried and failed loads of times …I just like to admire everyone else’s now…

    • I think they are tricky, they don’t like being messed with and seem to take a long time to get going. I had forgotten about this one and it just popped its head up above the asters!

  4. diversifolius

    A very nice misty pink!

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