Please Mind the Gap

Oct3 009 (1024x683)Whilst weeding last week (in my normal elegant pose, my best feature to the fore) it started to rain.  Only a few drops at first but perceptible.  The first indication of the coming shower was felt not on my head but on what I like to call my “Gardener’s Gap”.   In my experience, however well tucked in you are before you start work it doesn’t take long for it all to work loose, tops come adrift from bottoms exposing a line of flesh to the world.  This tell-tale strip just (hopefully) above the trouser line observed at beach or swimming baths is a sure-fire give away to profession.  The GG is a very useful phenomenon, not only does it provide ventilation, it undoubtedly become sensitized over the years acting as an early warning system.  It also serves as a secret sign to other members of the venerable society to which we belong.  Untucked gardeners of the world unite!



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8 responses to “Please Mind the Gap

  1. It’s always the first place I get bitten by mosies ….whats the lovely flower..?

  2. There seems to be no solution to the gaping gap when the “position” is assumed does there? But how else to rid your beautiful garden of pesky intruders?

  3. diversifolius

    There is nothing we can do about the gap, or about the neck-line area, we are marked for life 🙂 Nice plant.

  4. Nicest Dutch person you know

    I would like to introduce a phenomenon of another profession: the civil servants cleavage. Also proves to be very useful in persuading opponents.

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