P1000068 (1024x768)Today myself and Superbaz continued the apple harvest.  I had already picked most of the reachable, ripe fruit and all that was left were the allusive, just out of reach and beyond.  Yesterday, in preparation, we had carried (a la Laurel and Hardy) the ancient apple picking ladder up the steep hill from the house, up a set of dog leg steps, and up (yes up again) to the orchard, a feat of endurance in itself.  Today, with a borrowed fishing net from Mr Damage and an expectant trug in which to load our haul, we manoeuvered the ladder into place.  Naturally before we begun we undertook a risk assessment: “SB could fall out of the tree and land on chief apple catcher below” “SB could knock one of the enormous apples off the branch and it could land on chief apple catcher below” “Apple catcher could slip on dislodged apples, fall and break a leg”. This wasn’t looking good for the Chief Apple Catcher.  So I instructed SB to “be careful, don’t fall on me, or drop anything on my head”, he grunted and shimmied up the ladder like a camouflaged monkey.  In the event nothing hit any heads (although there were a few near misses), no-one broke anybody’s’ fall (although we did at one point have a bit of a wobble) and lots of apples were caught.  We also laughed a lot.  Result!



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8 responses to “Up

  1. Did you get to confirm Newton’s 32 feet per second per second as they passed by you?!

  2. Bosswoman

    Thank you both. Looking forward to a million apple recipes.

  3. I have an extending pole with a nifty gadget that slots on the end. It’s like a small cloth bag with teeth and is very good at dislodging the higher apples. Mind you, some of the Bramleys still dodged the bag and made kamikaze attacks on my person 😦

  4. The angle of the photo shot really does make Superbaz look like a superhero!

  5. Michelle - Germany

    I confess to rather liking the camera angle used here on Superbazz 🙂 It reminds me of Led Zeps” The Song Remains The Same” film (which I saw at the cinema so that dates me BIG time), and the camera angle used to film Robert Plant. (check it out) His trousers were a tad tighter than SB ‘s though, probably better for my BP these days 😉 🙂 *sigh*
    You both did a grand job anway.

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