Pseudopanax arboreus

P1000070 (1024x769)Another exuberant plant this year is Pseudopanax aboreus or Five Finger from New Zealand.  I feel a little (please note only “little”) bit guilty about this thriving shrub/small tree.  Perhaps 5 years ago we ordered it from a well-known nursery, when it arrived I knocked it out of the pot only to find that it didn’t have any roots.  Of course I complained and quite rightly they sent us a replacement.  Both have done well.  Sometimes it works out for the best.

All week we have lived with the ominous threat of “turning very cold on Thursday” over our heads.  The day arrived; I packed emergency longjohns wore my winter coat, shoulders hunched in anticipation.  Actually it was a beautiful day, true it was a little on the nippy side, but the sun shone, the wind blew and we had visitors galore.  Friends and relations, wayward dogs and villagers; all welcome.



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7 responses to “Pseudopanax arboreus

  1. diversifolius

    A beautiful plant for a beautiful day…

  2. I had a similar experience once..I ordered an Acer …when it arrived it was in 2 pieces…so new one was dispatched ..I taped the broken one with micro tape and it survived for 20 years till I got fed up with it….

  3. I once received a shipment of “Kent Beauty” oregano which was meant for another customer. When I informed the nursery, they told me to keep the plants and they would re-ship to the other person. I have enjoyed these pretty plants for several years now and have planted them out in my new garden.

  4. I’m told Pseudopanax are prone to having very few roots. We have a P. chathamica and it needed staking for a long time until it got itself established with any kind of root system. Whatever, two Pseudopanax are better than one!

  5. How extremely pretty those seedheads are!

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