Raindrops on Roses (and Ensete maurelii)

P1000030 (1024x768)Today was a day to count your blessings.  A day when friends showed their mettle.  A day when the matter of forgiveness reared its tricky head and our empathetic skills were pushed to the limits.  A day to find humour in the frightening.  I am healthy, my belly is full, I have friends and family to support me.  My blessings have been counted and I have a truck load. Thank you gang, together we are strong.



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6 responses to “Raindrops on Roses (and Ensete maurelii)

  1. this sounds serious ……!!!

  2. Love your humour in your blogs and appreciate the sentiment of this one. Sarah x

  3. Yes, I am practicing gratitude these days, too.

  4. Michelle - Germany

    Ah yes, Gratitude has huge power…..thank you is the only prayer you need to say.And forgiveness too..as I found out myself these last days. Sending you huge hugs. You are a wonderful lady. X

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