Leonurus sibiricus – Honeyweed

P1000160 (768x1024)I am home from my urban adventures.  Although I had a brilliant time it has reinforced my belief that I am not a City Gal.  I thought I was a people person but maybe not quite so many in one go.  A highlight of the week was a visit to The Chelsea Physic Garden.  This had been on my wish list for a long time and when we planned our holiday to London it was automatically transferred to the Absolute Necessity List.  It was as inspiring and mesmerizing as I had been led to believe, from the pomegranates hanging from a large Punica granatum, a fruiting Crinodendron patagua and the mauve pea-like flowers of Desmodium yunnanense (quick google it!) there was a treasure to match every step.  One of my favorites was the annual or biennial Leonurus sibiricus or the Honeyweed standing almost a meter tall with its whirls of pale lilac flowers.  I was thrilled to see that they had seed in the shop, was almost instantly de-thrilled to find that in the space where it should be was one unnamed packet.  As the assistant couldn’t confirm that the contents would be the leonurus I negotiated a cut price, it would surely be worth a risk.  It is amazing how only a few days in the City has made me quite frivolous.



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9 responses to “Leonurus sibiricus – Honeyweed

  1. sue turner

    Welcome back…you have been missed…

  2. Michelle - Germany

    Ah, yes, I used to love flying to London for a few days, take in a gig and or a gallery, walk for hours. Not any more though, it would exhaust me I think….but hey, never say never again. And besides, sometimes one has to go away to really come home again…. 🙂 Enjoy Wales! XX

  3. sue turner

    Wales…love it ..where abouts.

  4. diversifolius

    I would love to visit The Chelsea…maybe sometime. We have a Desmodium canadensis here, let me know if you would like seeds 🙂

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