Somewhat Galling

P1000049 (768x1024)

They say you learn something new every day.  Today I have learnt that, apparently, there are hundreds of different types of oak gall, created by oak gall wasps or cynipids.  Who would have thought it?  To be honest it is not something I have spent much time pondering, but it is sobering to think that all this “galling” is going on whilst we are innocently going about our business.  This, I believe is a Cherry Gall, created by the Cynips quercusfolii gall wasp, which is surrounded by the smaller Spangle Gall.  I must warn you, I wouldn’t take my word on it on this. Or anything actually!



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5 responses to “Somewhat Galling

  1. I guess it’s a fall gall?

  2. sue turner

    Amazing photo….it’s great to learn something new. I won’t just kick leaves about in future ….

  3. diversifolius

    They are very ornamental!

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