P1000084 (1024x768)I wasn’t too bothered about the approaching storm.  In fact my main worry was that I wasn’t worried about the approaching storm.  My calm demeanor was not due to some new relaxation technique or an excess of sweet sherry, there were some very good reasons.  The wind was coming from the south-west which we are generally protected from, we have a lot of wind here so generally things are tied down or have already flown away.  So when I awoke in the night and heard the storm raging it seemed no worse than happens several times each winter, there were no sounds of bins skitting down the road, or the windows trying to escape from their frames, and the bed wasn’t lifting from the floor.  Although I haven’t been to the garden today, Hero has reported that there is no damage, tomorrow when I venture up into the woods I may find something, we will see.  My love and good wishes go out to those who haven’t been as lucky.  We may not get away with it next time.



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8 responses to “Storm

  1. Definitely fortunate. Yesterday we visited Stourhead gardens. There was a serious likelihood that all the leaves would be stripped by the storm, so we thought we would get in quick. A bit early, as all other things being equal we could have expected it to improve over the coming week. Can’t find any news on how the gardens fared, but let’s hope they did as well as Cliffe.

  2. sue turner

    We’ve been very lucky here in Nottingham…just breezy and rainy but managed a damp walk to the’s nice and sunny now.

  3. Lots of trees down in London, but we face north east, so barely noticed the storm at all. Will have to wait until Saturday morning to see what’s happened in Broadstairs.

  4. Michelle - Germany

    So glad you have survived undamaged! We have got off lightly here too…one helluva mess in the garden, but then it was before to be honest! 😉 Other parts of Germany seriously and badly affected…I am so grateful.

  5. diversifolius

    I hope you won’t find any damage in the garden tomorrow.

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