About Time Too!

P1000257 (1024x769)After a couple of weeks away from the garden I returned today to discover, to my amazement, that life had gone on quite happily without me.   Plants were flowering, grass was growing, seeds were germinating, how can this be?  A more paranoid person might believe that no sooner had I set off for the bright lights way past Barnstaple and left Hero in charge, everything went into hyper-drive.  The list of new bloomers (and yes this is October!) includes Brugmansia sanguinea, Fascicularia bicolor and Fuchsia fulgens, with Sparmannia africana on the cusp.  The most pleasing/annoying is the fragrant vibrancy of Hedychium greenii which last year didn’t bother to flower at all.  Encouraged perhaps by a combination of the removal of an overhanging juniper bough and the best summer since I have been in North Devon I was optimistic it would perform.  Although a little singed around the edges, I hope you will agree that it was worth the wait.

At the risk of sounding like a swot, it was great to be back at work.  The garden needs to be reined in a little now and decisions made about changes and amendments before the winter sets in.   Revitalised by my holiday I am looking forward to gently gaining some control over the wayward borders. We were visited today by the lovely Tribune family.  They were very polite about the wild unkempt look that we are trialling for Autumn 2013 (and that includes the gardeners).



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3 responses to “About Time Too!

  1. diversifolius

    Yes, it was – looks very special somehow. I’ve never grown any Hedychium, maybe it’s about time to try one.

    • I collected some seed of Hedychium “Assam Orange” yesterday …….. some promised to Lynne but plenty to go around!

      • diversifolius

        I would never say no to something like this 🙂 I just packed the Desmodium and was thinking what to add as extra – Commelina coerulea (from Mex) or Glaucidium palmatum? or both

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