P1000291 (1024x765)Today was a day of reconnecting.  I collected and processed seed, cleared the remaining tomato plants and most of the peppers from the greenhouse, I dragged the toppled echium which was blocking the path to the bonfire site, I shuffled the cold frame contents, basically I re-associated myself with the garden by doing lots of little jobs.  I paid heed to what was doing what and where.  It was as satisfying as any day.  There were appearances in the potting shed from Cheeky Robin, the resident vole and Mr Squeeky (AKA Holiday Cat), fortunately not all at the same time.  It was a day of practicalities until I was waylaid by this perfect pelargonium bud, unfurling like a chaste kiss.  The connection was complete.

A package arrived this afternoon containing some Dahlia purpusii seedlings from my virtual friend.  Sharing is good: to paraphrase The Bard “The quality of sharing is twice blessed, it blesses she that gives and she that takes”.  Thank you Sue, I am blessed.



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11 responses to “Reconnection

  1. You’re very welcome…as they say ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’..

  2. Welcome back to the garden. I have a bit of storm recovery to do tomorrow, including a toppled Echium. It will be sad to see it go.

  3. diversifolius

    It’s always good to be back – in the garden and it seems that the Pelargonium bud was waiting for you to take its perfect picture.

  4. Wow! What a fantastic photo. It’s so architectural and yet so floral.

  5. Wonderful photo, although I thought it was a rose bud to start with! It’s good to potter and reconnect, I keep trying but it is very soggy out there

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