And the answer is …


P1000297 (1024x763)A little competition for this wet and windy Saturday morning.  Who can identify this plant?  The prize is substantial: the acknowledgement that you are a very clever person and you can bask in the glory of smartypantdom.  This surely will be sufficient.   Trophies, champagne, cash or food hampers will therefore not be necessary.



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19 responses to “And the answer is …

  1. It’s a Needle Felted Purple plant…!!!.
    Never seen anything like it .
    You do have some weird and wonderful plants.

  2. Actually is it a kangaroo paw or something like…don’t know it’s real name.

  3. Betsy Hosegood

    Did you spray paint a pussy willow?

  4. You’ve got me stumped! Is it actually real?

  5. Betsy Hosegood

    Apparently there is one in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, but no other details on the photo I found on Flickr.

  6. jan barwick

    I’m pretty sure it’s Salvia leucantha. They have them at Coleton Fishacre gardens near Kingswear – and they are LABELLED.

  7. Betsy Hosegood

    Jan’s done it – Salvia leucantha!

  8. What a wonderful plant, such a fabulous colour and so furry

  9. diversifolius

    I hadn’t finish my morning coffee yet but I was to say it’s something in the Lamiaceae family – do I get something? 🙂
    Super-photo in my favourite color!

  10. Michelle - Germany

    I also thought it was a sprayed pussy willow!! 🙂 Anyway….I wasn’t going to bother to enter anway, what with no hamper and champers on offer!! 😉 😉

  11. I thought it might be a Photoshopia purpurea. 😉

  12. My thought was also a sprayed pussy willow! What a wonderful plant and a delightful addition to a mixed bouquet.

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