Wendy’s Wish


Salvia Wendys Wish (1024x768)The salvias are going doolally.  They are reaching their peak just as the rest of the garden is shutting down.  Part of me admires them, part of me thinks you missed the show mate.  This one is called Salvia Wendy’s Wish, named after avid gardener and collector Wendy Smith.  Wendy apparently hales from the seaside town of Rosebud, on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.  What is rather odd is that my potting shed book at the moment is Bill Bryson’s “Down Under” and this very lunch time I was reading about the Mornington Penisula.  I believe this is called synchronicity.   Spooky!



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3 responses to “Wendy’s Wish

  1. I bought Wendy’s Wish this summer and mine is also flowering it’s socks off…quite beautiful…

  2. Helen Johnstone

    Another one for the list – do you think it is hardy or borderline

    • It over wintered in the greenhouse last year as it was new, but I would guess it is a pretty sensitive soul. Will be either digging up or fleecing as we have no cuttings (another one!)

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