Nibbles Anybody?

P1000341 (1024x768)Surely I can’t be alone in discovering a rogue pack of bulbs or corms that didn’t get planted.  It is a little bit like “eyes bigger than belly” but in a horticultural way.  Although the spirit was strong the body was weak, or perhaps it was the other way around.  We ran out of time, got diverted by more pressing jobs, was eating cake or just plain forgot until it was far to late (if it is just “too” late I usually plant them anyway, “far too” late I don’t).  It is at this point (far too) that I hide them from myself to alleviate the guilt of the gross mistreatment of corms.  Well these are last year’s Anemone blanda, masquerading as chocolate nibbles, and as far as anemones go they still look pretty good; no mouldy bits, plumpish, no obvious signs of stress.  Apparently there are one hundred of them, although I have no intention on counting them.  Anyway they have hung from a mouse proof hook for the last 12 months (unusually I have learnt by a mistake, 50 ranunculus once disappeared overnight, I hope mousie got indigestion!) and I would imagine that they are now fully acclimatised to North Devon conditions and ready to be planted out.  I took a management decision that after such a prolonged period out of the ground they would need a soak, so today I have done just that and in the morning they WILL be planted.  Hopefully anyway. Unless there is cake.



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5 responses to “Nibbles Anybody?

  1. diversifolius

    Well, now that they got soaked either you plant them (and have the cake later) or you’ll have to come up with a recipe for Anemone pudding 🙂

  2. Plant them! Plant them! Plant them!

  3. Today we have scones and lemon curd …friend coming over.

  4. What fun! Mousie may be peeking from under a potting bench, chuckling and saying how much he missed the bulbs this year! They’ll be fine I should think—just a bit late perhaps. Enjoy the cake!

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