Another One Bites the Dust

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By now I should know better than to nonchalantly wander through the garden considering how well things are going. Late this afternoon I sauntered up into the woodland to summon Superbaz who is making some new steps; it had been a good day and I was content with my lot, if I had the talent I would have been whistling.  On reflection I was probably singing a little ditty to make up for my shortcoming in the whistling department.  As I ventured up towards where SB was working it dawned on me, probably a little slower than I would care to admit, that there was a stonking big hole where once an oak tree had stood.  This tree was not a prime specimen and was teetering on the edge of the lower woodland path.  In fact it had been ear marked for the dead wood to be removed in a controlled manner by the tree surgeons, and as bad luck would have it, they are coming tomorrow to do just that, amongst other things.  Well its demise was not controlled in the slightest and it had toppled down the bank in a not altogether favorable way. Beneath the canopy is a large camellia, the blood-red Apollo, and it has ripped a branch from the nearby magnolia.  I am sure they will not suffer long-term from this roughshod treatment, although it is not ideal to be landed on by an oak tree.  It just goes to show that yet again “the best laid plans of mice and gardeners …”.



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12 responses to “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Oh I do like your posts …I feel like I’ve known you for years…sad about the tree though even if it was ear marked for the chop…wish you were nearer my son could do with the wood for his burner…

  2. Sad to see any tree toppled like this, but it should leave a nice gap (and hole) for something else and save on the tree surgery bills…..although I guess someone now has to chop it up and get it out of the way!

  3. Michelle - Germany

    Sad picture…… 😦 Ah, Superbaz…… 🙂 What a man! Do send my best wishes! 🙂 X

  4. diversifolius

    So sad to see a tree gone, but now you can make plans for a new planting!

  5. Crikey, that’s a big hole! And a marvellous decorative feature, why go to the trouble of moving it 😉 the creatures will love you.

    • It was very precarious (to say the least!) on a steep slope that goes on and on and on until you get to the road! We have left lots of wood piles so creatures should be very happy.

  6. Michelle - Germany

    Superbaz! ❤ 🙂

  7. Brilliant post! Poor squashed camellia, magnolia and whatsits. What is a blood-red Apollo, anyway? I wish them all a speedy recovery and thank goodness no one else was hurt.

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