P1000385 (768x1024)The tree surgeons arrived as planned and brought with them a truck load of wood chipping, much to my perverse excitement.  These chippings will be used foremost to dress the new woodland steps that SB is currently building.  They are going to be the smartest steps in the land.   They dumped this haul at the gate; well in the road actually but as close to the gate as they dared.    On the last 100 occasions this is has been followed by wheel spins, tail gates stuck on the stonework, clutches burning out and the odd temper tantrum, in attempt to get back up the hill.  Forewarned is forearmed so these boys brought another vehicle and a tow rope with them, they were prepared for anything, boy scouts to a man.  Of course they pulled away just fine, perfect, it boded of good things to come.  They left us, the dream team, to barrow these riches into the garden where it was to be piled onto the lawn until the steps were ready.  There was a little mocking of the mini bollard I put in place on the road, producing their own mega bollard to dwarf our pathetic example.  We had our usual “guess how many trips” competition which was won convincingly by a very deserving Hero (she’s a witch!) who got it spot on with 98 loads.

The lads did a brilliant job, including the very tricky fallen oak, the enormous root ball of which was threatening to make its way to the village at the earliest opportunity.  I cannot praise them enough, skillful, tidy and fearless, lovely chaps one and all.  Shame they forgot to pick up their bollard when they left ….

P1000399 (1024x768)


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