P1000374 (1024x768)I have always been under the impression that the reason we do not have good autumn colour at Cliffe is because we don’t get enough sun.  This may well be true as this year, after a particularly sun-full summer, our wannabes have surpassed themselves.  The enkianthus is spectacular in the wood where it is sheltered from the leaf-stripping wind.  The hydrangeas are blushing deep pink and the deciduous azaleas glowing.  The parrotia is not being shy in exhibiting its golden wares and has the added benefit of the last vestiges of the sun on its russet leaves.  By next week the sun will have left us until February; it is lingering in a small corner and in the canopy of this splendid tree.  We will look forward to its return like a prodigal sun.


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  1. diversifolius

    So beautiful! It never gets like this here although we have plenty of sunshine in the fall.

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