The Fairest

P1000442 (768x1024)As I predicted, the new woodland path is the fairest in the land.  The blood, sweat, tears (of laughter mostly) and broken watch were well worth the pain, although tomorrow morning I may reconsider.  For those of you unacquainted with the terrain at Cliffe it might be hard for you to appreciate the magnitude of today’s task – top dressing this path with woodchip (yes the same woodchip that we barrowed into the garden last week, I know it’s laugh a minute here!).  Superbaz has spent the last few days replacing rotten wood, digging out engulfed steps and widening narrow areas (now an A road, dual-carriage in parts, rather than the previous unclassified), now all it needed was the finishing touches.  I do not exaggerate (moi?) when I say that today even our usual Extreme Wheel Barrowing pales into mediocrity, it was Ultimate WB, so radical that two of us had to lift the barrows up the most evil of the slopes, and one of the “two of us” was Superbaz!  After all that work it is relief to find that it is indeed the fairest of them all, well in our garden anyway.



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4 responses to “The Fairest

  1. Fair, indeed. Well done! I hope you don’t suffer tomorrow.

  2. well done soaky baths all round ….separately I hasten to add…
    I knew you had written before about the steepness but never realised it was that bad… you don’t get that good a view on google earth…

    • It is very steep in places and everything is hard work but the viewing points you gain from being on a slope are worth it. It is very hard to photograph a slope, they never seem to look very severe.

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