Room with a View

P1000466 (1024x769)The weather was shocking today.  The wind blew like a demon from the north west, pushing the waves hard into the bay and bending the world in its wake.  The greenhouse shook like Jerry Lee Lewis and my visits inside the rattly glass were swift and direct.  The hail drummed on the upturned barrows like a demented tap dancer.  Showers ran into showers; cold, unforgiving and strangely menacing.  Then suddenly, just about lunch time, I looked up and out of potting shed door and in an instant Dr Jekyll had returned.  All was calm and the sun shone brightly on the sunny side of the street.  For five short minutes we enjoyed this hiatus until, perhaps inevitably, the nasty Mr Hyde returned in spiteful vengeance.   This half-time interval did however provide the perfect photo opportunity.



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5 responses to “Room with a View

  1. That was a rather good bit of writing…

  2. diversifolius

    It looks like a painting!

  3. It does look like a painting! Serene and beautiful. It was shockingly cold here this morning. I had a class to attend and my car door was frozen shut. I had to gently pry it open with a thingamajig that’s meant to scrape ice off the windshield (I had to do that, too). Ah, winter.

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