Kind Hearts and Coronaria

P1000490 (1024x766)Another away day today, visiting some wonderful women (always a good start) who are growing cut flowers organically not too far from the centre of Exeter, this Anemone coronaria is one of their blooms.  To reach their plot I had to tackle a very scary roundabout (there may have been dragons).  In this battle, involving lane changing, lorries and beeping (I am but a poor innocent country gal) I unfortunately came off second best.  Luckily I met a handsome knight in the service station (an AA man called Alan) who boldly guided me through the dark zone and into the light.  It was certainly worth the adventure, a beautiful spot, enthusiasm and enterprise, I came away inspired. We must spread the word –  Buy Locally Produced Cut Flowers!  Don’t make me tell you twice.

I didn’t push my luck, I can’t cope with too much excitement in one day and Alan had gone to get his lorry serviced, I went home the easy way.



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8 responses to “Kind Hearts and Coronaria

  1. you make me laugh…always a good read .Glad you had a good day out..

  2. diversifolius

    The picture you took – it was worth the battle with the dragons 🙂

  3. Gorgeous closeup of one of my favourite flowers. Glad there was an easy way home!

  4. What an adventure! I didn’t know there were dragons in your part of the world but Anemone coronaria is absolutely gorgeous.

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