Nov26 canon 012 (1024x682)Today was gloomy.  It was a combination of gloomy mood on my part and gloomy weather.  Gloomy times two equals gloomier.  So in an attempt to brighten proceedings I will attempt to list the gloomless events of the day:

1.  Noticing that Sparmannia africana is at last attempting to bloom;
2.  Watching Robbie the robin having a very thorough and splashy bath;
3.  Being the proud recipient of an exuberant greeting from Joshie the Handsome;
4.  Wearing my new hat with ear warming flaps;
5.  Planting Tulip “Early Harvest”, those little bundles of early spring joy;
6.  It didn’t rain.

Will that do?



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7 responses to “Gloomy

  1. The Sparmannia africana is very pretty. It’s been my experience that very gloomy days are often followed immediately by quite bright days. Hope your tomorrow is one of those. 🙂

  2. Well that’s November for you. Gloomy. Early Harvest is a good choice of tulip. It is a little gem.
    What about a picture of your new hat with flaps? Then I might show you my transylvanian shepherd’s hat.

  3. Michelle - Germany

    Ah, do NOT like to think of you as being gloomy..:-( …I am as well today in fact! Seem to have upset a friend and dont know why and she wont talk to me by phone….ah yes, Robbie is always a joy……and a whisky Mac may save me today.;-) And I am decorating for 1 st Advent. 🙂 May our tomorrows be more jolly and sending love and hugs to you
    today XX

  4. Sparmannia – tick, friendly robin – tick, hat with flaps – tick, Early Harvest tulips – tick…….smile from handsome passer by – cross. You can’t win ’em all!

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