New Hat


P1000569 - Copy (1024x769)For all the thousands of you who begged to see my new hat, your dreams have come true.  Granted it isn’t a very good picture, in fact it looks more like a Cleopatra wig than the cosy headpiece that it is.  This subsidiary function, however, may well come in handy in the future.



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5 responses to “New Hat

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Must- have……a useful all-rounder! 🙂

  2. diversifolius

    Very nice the long flaps!

  3. mum

    You look like a basset hound! Still who cares so long as it keeps your ears warm. The hat I mean not the basset hound.

  4. Very smart, ‘neat but not gaudy’ as my Grandmother used to say. My Transylvanian Shepherd’s Hat is now on my blog. On the table though rather than my head. And no it’s not a tea cosy.

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