Salvia confertiflora – Red Velvet Sage

Nov22 Canon 015 (1024x683)This Brazilian salvia is a reintroduction into the garden, having lost our previous specimen a few years ago (to the frost not just mislaid somewhere beneath a particularly rampant geranium).  Previously I wasn’t totally convinced by the colour of the flowers but this year I am totally smitten.  These velour covered blooms are an unusual orangey/pinky/red held on a deep pinky/red stem.  The leaves have a curious scent when crushed, it has been suggested there is a semblance to cooked meat but I’m not convinced.  The marketing people have quite sensibly decided not to use Eau de Spam as a selling point.  It has enjoyed the glorious summer and is still flowering well when many around have retired for the season.  Purchased at the horticultural candy shop called Sampford Shrubs, it is definitely a keeper.



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11 responses to “Salvia confertiflora – Red Velvet Sage

  1. as usual another unusual plant (to me anyway )…

  2. It is gorgeous. I love Salvias, they come in such lovely colours. and even if they are not hardy they are so easy to keep going from cuttings. Have you tried Wendy’s Wish? It was a new one for me this year.

  3. diversifolius

    Sooo velvety, and red! – like a Christmas ornament.Spectacular stem, I wonder if it would held the colour well when dry.

    • Actually it is very Christmasy, I missed a trick there it could have been a Christmas themed blog! Drying is a good question, it would look wonderful if it did hold its colour, might give it a go.

  4. It is definitely not like any other Salvia I’ve seen. The red stem is quite something.

  5. Really love that colour, it’s beautiful.

  6. Beautiful!! Salvia’s are one of my all time favourites, we have many varieties at Trinity.

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