Fuchsia microphylla

Nov26 canon 010 (1024x683)It is pretty, it is pink, it is petite; but it is also tough, flowering now and continuing to do so until some nasty big old frost smacks it in the teeth.  Even then it tends to take a deep breath, give itself a little shake and start all over again.  I hope that is good enough.



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11 responses to “Fuchsia microphylla

  1. diversifolius

    Just one word: Seeds! (actually 4 🙂

  2. Dirk Chevalier

    it looks more like Fuchsia microphylla,

  3. I get that all the time …

    • Glad I am not alone, you know I kept looking at it and still couldn’t spot the enormous mistake! I must have had salivas on the mind, which isn’t an altogether bad thing.

      • saw something on the box the other day about a man who had a huge collection of salvias ….some looked really nice ….have to say there were quite a lot of new ones about this summer …I bought 3 more at least ..

      • I adore them and we grew a few from seed this year. Surprisingly easy and addictive I think.

  4. Actually the flowers do look like Salvia flowers. What a darling it is .I didn’t realise it was hardy. Oh dear, another ‘must have’.

  5. Ours is still looking pretty lush back in London, but then it was born and bred in Cornwall! I am hoping it survives the winter in our damp soil…fingers crossed!

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