Chop, chop

P1000657 (1024x768)I am probably the wrong star sign for gardening.  Leo.  People usually say “oh” when they ask and try to change the subject.  Apparently I am domineering, melodramatic and stubborn.  Perhaps.  Anyway today I tackled the Road Bank, the home to many of our more exotic family members; the hedychiums, bananas (both ensete and musa), cestrum and kunzea.  The shelter belt of assorted trees has been trimmed back hard to reveal a leaning habitation of colquhounia, buddleia and euphorbia, desperate to be brought down to base and given a fresh chance to grow upright and proud.  The rule book said “no”, the lion said “if not when?”.  Maybe the cocky mare will be taught a lesson, maybe not.  Maybe I will tell you if I’m wrong, maybe not.  Oh no, another leonine trait “painfully honest”, drat!

ps photo is the trunk of caustic sap-dripping Euphorbia mellifera, luckily I remembered my gloves.



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4 responses to “Chop, chop

  1. Ha, ha. I’m Leo, too (and my children and one grandchild are Leos, too). “If not when?”: words to live by!

  2. I love Euphorbia mellifera, it is beautiful and does have a lovely honey smell. it is not reliably hardy with me but fortunately it has plenty of babies. The sap of Euphorbia is really awful. Not only does it blister the skin but the scars last for weeks.

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