Lighting of the Lights

Dec13 003 (683x1024)A rather violent and unscheduled downpour soon turned into not very amusing monsoon conditions, thwarting the day’s itinerary.  So, with our usual flair and finesse, we took this gap in our horticultural agenda to Christmasize the potting shed.  The fact that our usual tree (the bonsai hornbeam) had gone to its maker (not died just returned to the person who nurtured it) did not hold us up for long.  We have allocated a new festive tree, as you can see in the above photo, which is just as lovely as its predecessor.  Once we had sumptuously dressed this mini Chile Pine it was time for the official turning on of the Christmas lights.  Unfortunately Elvis had double-booked so we were very lucky that Hero agreed to stand in at the last minute.  She made a very touching speech and flicked the switch without a hitch, greeted with a gasp of pleasure from the assembled crowd (me).  Not sure about her rendition of Hound Dog though!



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12 responses to “Lighting of the Lights

  1. diversifolius

    Always exciting to light the lights! I started to decorate our indoor Norfolk pine when it got big enough and now it has no escape every year. I try not to put too much weight on him though…

  2. Great decorating. I am happy to make myself available for turning on the lights next year should Elvis let you down again 😉

  3. Our little Norfolk pine is still in his pot outside. & covered with bright shiny balls for the coming holiday. A small bit of cheer in the garden. Happy Christmas!

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