Leptospermum “Red Ensign” – Manuka

Dec12 001 (1024x683)Last week that I was worried that I had become unobservant.  I was vigilant enough to spot this lone magenta flower on the Leptospermum scoparium “Red Ensign” which blazed out of the gloom like a beacon, sharing my joy with Hero.  However, on closer examination (and with only one pair of glasses between us) we marveled over the mass of buds yet to come then realised with horror that in fact they were seeds, the flowers long gone.  How could they have been missed when one flower stood out so proudly?  Had I passed by every day and not noticed their dusky beauty?  It grated on my soul to the point of late night ruminations.  Then it dawned on me; all was well, I had not crossed into the realm of the great unseeing, these pods were the remnants of last year’s crop.  Relief: I am still aware of my surroundings. Pleasure: This is important to me.  Shame: I am not all that clever.



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5 responses to “Leptospermum “Red Ensign” – Manuka

  1. lovely ..how tall could it grow ..and would it survive the cold damp midlands ?

    • I typed thank you and then deleted it, thinking “it isn’t anything to do with me it is the plant that is lovely all on its own”! It gets to about 6ft tall apparently and should be protected from wicked winds, a little on the tender side but if you have a sheltered spot I would hazard a try.

  2. I’ve never managed to get one through the winter here, I wish I could, I love it. It gets killed by frost even in the sunniest, most sheltered position in my garden. What a good thing you didn’t miss it and you have the whole pleasure of it to come. I do envy you. I hope we will get a photo when it is in full bloom.

  3. Helen Johnstone

    That is very nice indeed, I dont think I have heard of that.

  4. diversifolius

    Cute little flower, especially at this time of year.

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