The Mighty

Dec19 007 (1024x683)After the gales of last night I was surprised that there was little damage in the garden, indeed I was surprised that the greenhouse was still standing.  But apart from everything looking a little shell-shocked and the roads being strewn with detritus (posh rubbish) not a lot seems to have moved.  Usually this statement is followed by a confession a few days later that the champion oak of Cliffe had indeed crushed the Grade II listed shepherdess cottage (I made up the cottage).  Hopefully not.   It was cold though.  Finger nipping cold.  Nose nipping cold.  Come on let’s do star jumps cold.

This cardoon had fallen many weeks ago, I just used the photo for dramatic effect.  I know I can’t get anything past you lot.



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6 responses to “The Mighty

  1. It’s a great photograph though Gill. Beauty in senility. It’s a look I’m starting to cultivate myself!

  2. ex34mush

    Not exactly peaceful tonight – and the wind is coming from a less sheltered direction. Fingers crossed for your greenhouse. Mine is about 50% complete as of lunchtime, when it started to tip down and I abandoned hope for the day. At that stage it had all the makings of a glass hang-glider. My plan is to finish glazing it tomorrow, so I just hope in the meantime it is robust enough to withstand the storm…

  3. good post…hard frost up here…

  4. Beautiful structure to the cardoon, fallen as it is. We woke to a snowy morning, but it won’t last long: rain is on the way.

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