Season Well

P1000703 (1024x768)I am glad we have seasons; the troughs and peaks of the year keep us alert, continually adjusting to the differing needs of the garden as the weeks rush by.  In the winter as the inhabitants sleep, or at least have a good snooze, we can dive in and have a good rummage before it awakens with renewed energy in the spring, enlivening us with its zeal.  Throughout the summer it is a case of damage limitation, too late for drastic change instead we indulge ourselves with cosmetic faffing.  Then the shut down begins again, planning recommences and the circle is complete.  Admittedly our seasons are not as pronounced as some, more of a gentle meld from quite cool to quite warm than the massive shift from blistering heat to jaw aching cold that some encounter yearly.  However I am still pleased for our small contrast, however minor it might be.

The above photo was taken yesterday but could have easily been on one of our wilder spring, summer or autumn days.



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17 responses to “Season Well

  1. Beautiful photo….You have a wonderful job,in an awesome location.

  2. diversifolius

    I wouldn’t be without the seasons either, even if the winter is a bit harsh here.
    Your sea side & rocky shores images are always paintings-like!

  3. What a lovely photo and a superb view, I don’t really know your part of the world I think I shall have to do some exploring down there in 2014.

  4. As time goes by, I realize more and more how similar our climates must be. Enough winter to make spring really, really exciting, but springlike days in the midst of winter: so encouraging, a lift to the spirits.

  5. We’ve gone from gales to dead calm down in Broadstairs, almost overnight. It makes sweeping up a lot easier when the debris isn’t swirling around like a dust devil! Living in London for most of the week we definitely notice the extremes more when we are by the seaside.

  6. Happy Twixtmas! I learnt that word yesterday and have been spreading it around with abandon. Lovely photo. I’ve got used to seasons…can’t imagine a life without them really. The changing skies are a favourite. I have been growing crocus Gypsy Girl in pots for the Perennial stall and something got to the bulbs – it was devastation! Weird, because they have left other crocus and tulips alone. Squirrels or mice, what do you think?

    • And a very Happy Twixtmas to you too! Could be either squirrels or mice digging out your crocus bulbs, we cover our pots with decorative grit/gravel and it seems to put them off, it might be worth a try next time. Not sure if it is because they can’t smell the bulbs or that it isn’t very nice on their poor little paws. Good luck!

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