Cartwheeling into 2014

P1000726 (1024x764)

This is for those of you who question that I am as professed, a champion cartwheeler.   Surely there can be no doubt now?

Happy New Year to you all and may all your cartwheels/pasties/disco dancing/days* be joyous!

* delete as appropriate



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16 responses to “Cartwheeling into 2014

  1. diversifolius

    Keep it going, you are almost there! Happy New Year!

  2. Michelle - Germany

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I look forward to all your wonderful Blogs in 2014…and maybe another Synchronised Long Distance Disco Dancing Session sometime?! I am now exhausted after a rather loud Geeetar concert on tv with Eric Clapton and various other excellent ancients on stage somehwere in America this year…I have never seen so many electric guitars on one stage before. After half a bottle of fizz I was leaping around and waving a lighter in the air. (Jörg was having a doze! or pretending to!) Having a brief rest before the Stones in Hyde Park later on….:-) Sometimes only an electrc guitar riff will do! XXX

  3. That’s cheating. I think you just popped over to Oz to take that picture. Will go and check. See you when we get back. Happy new year to you both and keeeep blogging…

  4. mum

    I never doubted for a moment. Happy New Year Love Mum

  5. hero

    if i didnt think i might get vertigo i would join you cartwheeling……Happy New Year…(might be good at something else..i’ll try and find out!?)..see you soon xxx

  6. Helen Johnstone

    Love the photo. Happy New Year

  7. Bruggies

    How lovely!A smile to start the new year.Look forward to all your garden wisdom

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