Pots of Potential

Meconopsis (1) (1024x683)Last summer I became extremely agitated during the protracted wait for the blooming of our Nepal Poppy, Meconopsis napaulensis; “will she?”, “wont she?”, “what colour will she be”, “will bambi/slug/snail/hippo take a liking to the burgeoning flower spike” and “if she is going to I wish she would get a move on I’m beginning to lose interest”.  I was hoping for pink but she turned out yellow (I loved her anyway) and was as spectacular as I had imagined.  This year, thanks to a very generous gift by Mr Marwood, we have six plants.  Can you imagine the anticipation before these furry little beauties’ coming out party.  It may well get messy.



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3 responses to “Pots of Potential

  1. diversifolius

    This is very exciting!!! Two years ago we had a few Meconopsis grandis and betonicifolia flowering and I think I took about a thousand pictures 🙂
    It’s too humid in the summer here though, so they rarely make it to the next year or they don’t flower.

  2. Helen Johnstone

    I have seedlings in the cold frame, hoping for a flower this year

  3. I’ve never had any luck with any of the Meconopsis species, not even Meconopsis cambrica (blush!). I think it was too dry at the “old garden”. This year, I’m trying Meconopsis betonicifolia again, just one plant. We’ll see if it comes back after the winter is over.

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