Shut down

2Jan14 003 (1024x683)It has only begun to feel like winter since the turn of the year.  There is no obvious explanation for this recent change of perception.  There have been no frosts to speak of, not a hint of ice or snow and it hasn’t been especially cold.  Of course we have had the usual wind and rain and our fair share of hail, but all of a sudden there seems to be an aura of “shut down” about the place.  As if permission has been given to undertake the “dormant” jobs; the moves, the tidying, the cutting back, before the inevitable cold snap hits.  An indication that a quick nap is necessary before spring.  An opportunity for the scene changers to dash in and do their stuff whilst the stars are off stage retouching their make up and having a quick glass of champers (or am I getting mixed up with the Potting Shed Posse?).  Well, we better get on with it, we don’t want to cramp anybody’s’ style, you know what these divas can be like!



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6 responses to “Shut down

  1. “. . .retouching their make up. . .”. Ha ha. I think there must not have been much news yesterday, because all they could find to talk about was that January 6th is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

  2. diversifolius

    We all need our beauty sleep 🙂

  3. Won’t be long before things get moving again, although surely we’re due a cold spell any time now.

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