Still Blooming

Osteo (1) (1024x683)I had my doubts that this little osteospermum would survive the winter.  Last winter that is.  And here it is, still blooming lovely!



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9 responses to “Still Blooming

  1. How lovely. So not all your flowers are having a winter nap, this one seems to think it’s summer.

  2. Funny you should say that! I am looking out of the window at a clump of ‘Cannington Roy’ also in flower and basking in the cold rain! Nobody told him that he is supposed to be a slightly tender soul and should be under the duvet!

  3. These out of season flowers are delightful, though you do have to wonder what will happen when their rightful season comes round. I don’t have any blooms right now, but a daylily is growing up out of the leaf mulch and looks like a hothouse plant.

  4. diversifolius

    Hmmm! flowering plants in January…I start thinking maybe I could do some volunteering at Cliffe in the winter months? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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