Stenoglottis fimbriata

9Jan14 007 (1024x683)This South African orchid, Stenoglottis fimbriata, is flowering within the almost favourable conditions of our greenhouse.  If for some perverse reason you do not find this spike of exquisite dappled lilac flowers uplifting it has the added advantage of being an aid in combating flatulence.  If you don’t appreciate this wondrous bloom I am guessing that you probably do have flatulence.



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4 responses to “Stenoglottis fimbriata

  1. no just indigestion from different statins…fabulous orchid though…

  2. diversifolius


  3. You’re absolutely right: it is uplifting to see such an amazing sight,, especially at this time of year.

  4. It’s fabulous. I’m so jealous. I wonder who first looked at that exquisite flower and thought ‘Ah look at that! Just the thing for my flatulence.’
    It’s beyond belief that anyone would have ever considered eating it.
    Unless, of course, just looking at it makes you less windy?

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