Feeling Edgy


P1000784 (768x1024)It is unlikely that my name and any of the following adjectives will ever appear in the same sentence: “precise”, “methodical”, “orderly”, “meticulous”, “fastidious”, unless of course the word “not” appears alongside.  I do however have a chink in this armour of chaos, I love it when the lawn is edged.  To be truthful this isn’t a regular event and I can spend months ignoring the fuzzy edge, but I do get an unfamiliar pleasure from the straight(ish) lines and renewed structure.  In my experience the lawn is a sneaky beast, it slowly encroaches upon the borders, chomping away at the space, reducing prime planting land.  So every now and again you have to assert your authority, reclaim the stolen land and perhaps, just perhaps, steal a few centimeters from the green invader.



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5 responses to “Feeling Edgy

  1. diversifolius

    Wow, you do really garden on the edge – great picture! There is no way to steal something from the ‘sneaky beast’ – my view is that it needs to be completely destroyed (with some exceptions, of course).

  2. Wow! Steal a ‘few’ centimeters?! Every time I edge I steal about 6-12″! The green beasts’ days are numbered! And your edges are really very precise, orderly, exacting and quite lovely!

  3. Love the Edge…I’ve been sneaking my lawn away for years now , not that much left….!!

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