10Jan14 003 (1024x683)Most days I enjoy my job; it is fun, varied and fulfilling and I appreciate that I am blessed in this respect.  Admittedly during the winter months it is seldom that leap out of bed in the morning shouting “bring it on!”, especially when the rain is battering, the wind screeching and dawn hasn’t yet stirred.  Surely it is a natural human response not to want to leave the warmth and comfort of bed, perverse to desire “cold and buffeted” over  “cosy and safe”.  On occasion however there are advantages to starting work early and this is one of them.



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7 responses to “Perks

  1. diversifolius

    So very right! Great shot!

  2. Ah, the colours in that sky! It is a dark day here, very dark indeed. It’s been raining, with lots of wind. I’m reluctant to set foot outside the house.

  3. Glorious photo! Sun is shining here—-we need rain!!

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