9Jan14 015 (1024x684)This little rose, Rosa Debutante, is planted outside the greenhouse.  Throughout the year it is unceremoniously hacked back, often in anger, as it snags and tugs at arms and legs as we make our trips past.  Of course it is not the rose’s fault that it encroaches upon our thoroughfare, it was planted in the wrong place and it is simply doing what comes naturally to it – growing and flowering.  In fact it is very good at both of those activities; it doesn’t seem to bear a grudge over our harsh treatment, rewarding us with flowers throughout the year.  Makes me feel just a little bit a bit guilty!



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7 responses to “Snag

  1. But it is a gorgeous rose so it is a pity you have to keep hacking it back. I have seen it growing with Bleu Magenta at Mottisfont Abbey. A magical combination.

  2. diversifolius

    I like this pastel colour a lot and seems it’s a ‘warrior’ rose, so maybe it deserves a place of its own in the garden.

  3. Warrior Debutante! Ha ha.

  4. Bosswoman

    My vote goes to moving it to somewhere where it won’t be cursed all the time. But perhaps it thrives on the challenge?

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